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  • I-Power System

    Excel has a working prototype unit and would like to introduce to the world ai??i?? our Personal Hybrid Solar Power System! We call it I-POWER System.


    The basic concept of our I-Power System is as follows: The solar panels absorb sun light and provides an uninterrupted regular AC electrical power ai??i?? for Light, Mobile and Internet connecting electronic devices. It gives a piece of mind that the power is available ai???Anywhere, Anytime & Anyplaceai??i?? and ai???We are not left in the darknessai??i??.

  • 20+Years Experience


    Solar energy is available every corner of the world. May be the next Albert Einstein or the next Steve Jobs is living somewhere in a remote village in India. If we could offer the prospects of light in the dark to study, access to Internet to connect to the outside world ai??i?? they would be able to come up with the next big idea and make the world a better place for all of us.


    Our global mission is to serve 5 million customers within 5 years and 100 million during the first 10 years. Please think in decades not in days!

Our Global Vision