The Big Picture

The Big Picture

On a Bigger Picture level ai??i?? we think, Stars Are Aligning: We believe, we are at a point in time in history that provides us a unique opportunity to make a difference in the world.

We are at the intersection of Globalization & Technology Innovation.

With the advent of recent globalization & Internet ai??i?? we are seeing a growing prosperity and wealth and improving living standards in the world. This has led to a there is a growing demand of energy worldwide that we have never seen before. There are 5 billion people in the rest of the world that would like to have the same energy rich life style as 500 million people in the Western world enjoy today. But unfortunately today, there is not enough coal, oil or natural gas in the planet to meet the global energy demand.

In crisis, technology always comes to the rescue. Fortunately, at this point in time – 3 key technological advancements that are coming together. First is solar technology ai??i?? in the last decade, solar panels conversion efficiency has dramatically improved from 2% to 30% while the cost has drastically came down from $100 per watt to a $1 per watt. Second, the Li-Ion battery technology ai??i?? this technology has allowed the world to introduce hybrid and electrical cars like Prius & Tesla. These Li-Ion batteries are prime candidate for the storage of solar energy when the sun is not shinning. And third, emergence of LEDs technology ai??i?? as we all know, they are ten times brighter, efficient & long lasting in compared to any conventional light bulbs for the same power input.

Our view is that we are at the intersection of Solar Energy and Global Human Energy needs. Fortunately, we are blessed with natural, clean and unlimited solar energy from the power of sun.

In our view, solar Powered energy system provides a 20thcentury solution for the 21st century problem of increasing global energy demands. It just needs some people to go and do it!

Third Industrial Revolution: Solar Powered Energy

In terms of Social Impact: our view is that the solar energy will play an increasingly important role in our lives & our children lives. We have the opportunity to lead the next industrial revolution.

First Industrial Revolution was based on Agricultural. With the advancement of harvesting technology and GMO ai??i?? we saw a significant improvement in the food production. Now 3% of the US population can supply/meet the worldai??i??s food demand.

The 2nd Industrial Revolution was led by the introduction of Steam Engine by Vanderbilt, introduction of Oil Industry by Rockefeller and introduction of Automobile Industry by Henry Ford where people migrated from the Field to Factory. This has greatly enriched and enhanced our life style in the Western World.

AS of today, at this point in time, the primary source of energy still remains: Coal, Oil & more recently by Natural Gas. But unfortunately, as I indicated before, there are not enough conventional fossil fuel energy resources to solve the worldai??i??s growing energy demands. The math does not add up.

We at Excel think that that next and 3rd industrial revolution will be based on clean/renewable solar energy. It is incredible that the amount of energy that arrives from the sun to earth in 45 minutes is equivalent to the entire world energy consumption for the whole year. We are given a new gift of solar energy to meet the worldai??i??s increasing energy demand. It is waiting to happen in the coming days, coming years and coming decades. Join us in this journey to make this happen!

Solar Industry Evolution:

Computer Industry Evolution:

We saw a similar thing happening in the computer industry evolution. Overtime we transitioned from large main frame computers to work station to Desk top and finally to personalized and portable lap-top and Tablets.

Our view is that a similar phenomenon will be taking place in the solar energy space.

There are three segments in the solar spaces:

  • Commercial Use ai??i?? it utilizes Solar Power Station
  • Residential Use ai??i?? it utilizes Roof-Top mounted Solar Panels
  • Consumer Use ai??i?? it needs personalized and portable system

Our Product:

  • We are addressing consumer space.
  • The Consumer space involves personalized and portable solar charging system.
  • We call it Consumerization & Personalization of Solar Technology. Our I-Power System will be for masses ai??i?? solar power to the people.