Market Roadmap

Global Digital Professionals:

We now live in a new world where computers and Internet are becoming an integral part of our day to day life. They are playing a much bigger role than they did a few decades ago. The ripple effect of a blackout of even a few minutes creates havoc and completely disrupts our lives.

  • In the USA ai??i?? there are 30 million Digital Professionals just like you and me and we all need an un-interrupted internet connectivity for our communication, e-commerce and m-commerce.
  • In India, there is a new generation of Digital Professionals ai??i?? the ai???Educated Richai??i??, ai???Emerging Richai??i?? and ai???Super Richai??i??. This group consists of 10 million of upper class households and more than 50 million of emerging middle class households. They have a similar need just as ours to light the darkness and connect to the world anywhere and anytime.

Our estimation is that both these two groups collectively represent market potential of over $50 Billion Dollar!