Product Key Features:

  • The basic concept is that the solar panels absorb sun light, Li-Ion battery stores the energy and an Inverter converts DC power to our day to day use AC power.
  • The system is a compact, stand-alone and self-contained unit. It has three outlets ai??i?? Electrical outlet, Car Socket outlet, & USB Port.
  • As you can see the unit is like a brief case and can be used either at home or at work.

Portable/Extended Grid Concept:

The concept behind Portable/Extended Grid is as follows:

  • It provides uninterrupted AC electrical power from the power of sun. It seamlessly integrates three functionalities in one system ai??i?? Light, Mobile and Internet. When the power grid goes down or power grid is absent, the system will turns itself on for the operation of lights, mobile, and internet connecting devices.

Our I-Power System:

Our I-Power System:

  • It can charge up Smart Phones and Kindles for more than 24 hours
  • It lights up 10 Watt LED for more than 10 hours
  • It keeps our Tablets /Lap Top alive for more than 3 hours

Solar Hub Concept:

Power/Solar Hub

  • The system acts like a Power/Solar Hub in a sense it is capable of charging three devices simultaneously ai??i?? LED, mobile and Internet connecting devices. Itai??i??s not three separate units but one completely integrated device.
  • The design inspiration came from IPHONEai??i?? which seamlessly integrates three functions – phone calls, Music and Email into one simple to use in an elegant package. Our belief is that, in a similar way, our I-Power system will have its own ecosystem and would offer a great user experience. Plus, our view is that the success of one application would lead to other application and therefore greatly enhance the sales of the product.

Hybrid Solution Concept:

The system has a dual charging modality.

  • The system offers a Hybrid Solution in a sense that the battery of the system [ Li-ion polymer battery in case of USA and Lead-Acid battery in case of India] can be charged either by wall-plug or solar panel.
  • The design inspiration came from HYBRID CAR which can run both on battery and/or gasoline in some combination thereof.
  • In USA, the basic unit can be charged up using wall-plug and or by solar panels in normal times and then can be used as an uninterruptable power source in times of needs. In India, where solar power is 10 times stronger, the system could be easily and quickly charged by solar panel.

Unlocking Marketai??i??s Un-met needs

  • To our best knowledge, Excel is the only company that offers a unique and complete solution for Light, Mobil and Internet in one simple to use, elegant, portable and integrated package with a dual charging modality.
  • Excel business venture is more about unlocking marketai??i??s un-met demands and creating new markets. Our strong belief is that a breakthrough in customer insight is more meaningful and matters more than a breakthrough in new technology.